09 March 2010


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12 December 2009


Not so Subtle Christmas Elf

Ok, what is this Christmas Elf trying to tell me??

First, the Christmas Elf wants me to grow a boyfriend and now I get this "wild and sexy massage oil".

Not very subtle ;-)
And I can just see the boyfriend using this gift as an excuse for getting daily massages...

11 December 2009


Patience - Or Not

Why are these puzzles called "IQ puzzles"?
In my opinion, the only thing you need to solve these kind of puzzles is a ton of patience - and possibly the ability to visualise objects spacially. I am very good at the latter. Patience can be a different matter, though. At times I have tons of patience. It just oozes out of me. But today I had none. I cheated. After a "very" short trial period I just looked at the solution. Actually, you can only use the solution paper if you can visualise objects spacially, since it is kind of hard to draw a movement in two dimensions - at least for this puzzle it is.

10 December 2009


More Room for Tea

Today was very exhausting. A lot of phone calls which had to be done and running around. But I managed everything and treated myself to take out wok food. :-)
I unpacked another tea can - a little bigger and without tea. You would think that I have enough cans. But I do not! I only have too little storage space. And yes, I will store more tea in this can.

09 December 2009


Winter Tea

Today I unpacked this shiny red tea can filled with strong black tea - the kind that is good with milk and cookies. :-)

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